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B. Lactis Immunity

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Moringa Edema Treatment

 Moringa oleifera naturally inherited with antioxidants, omega-3 oils, vital proteins, vitamins & minerals which effectively work against the rapid aging process and build the immune system amazingly. Moringa inbuild with many incredible benefits and one amongst is treating Edema. What is Edema? Edema is fluid swelling on body parts in legs, arms, and ankles, etc. Moringa can treat varicose veins, peripheral edema, pulmonary edema, and effectively on macular edema for diabetes. Moringa can take it as food or as a supplement capsule, powders to maintain a healthy body.

L-arginine Surgery Recovery Medicine

L-arginine is an amino acid sourced naturally from fish, poultry, dairy, and meat. But also can be made in the lab as medicine and probably can be used for recovery after any surgery treatments. Because the chemical Nitric oxide in L-arginine helps blood vessels to improve blood flow. And also used for the treatment of high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, angina pain, and pre-eclampsia.

Vitamin D Strong Bones

In the modern lifestyle, there is a lack of exercise, nutritional food, and immunity. To complement this there is a need to supplement the right manner to protect us from severe illness. Vitamin D is naturally we get naturally from the morning sun and also from some food. But at this modern lifestyle, there is less possible to get the sun rays in the morning because some jobs are night shifts so couldn't able to make this possible. The supplement is the best way to get vitamin D.  The deficiency of vitamin D low immune system, calcium deficiency, short term tiredness, and finally leads to high-risk illnesses like bone diseases osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rickets, muscle weakness, etc.

Caralluma Hunger Suppression

Some men may think about why we feel always hunger and not getting satisfaction even though eating enough food. The reason for this feeling is the hunger hormone calls ghrelin when it levels are up we get stimulated to eat more and even some times unhealthy junk foods. But the consequence is fat gets store on the body and weight will increase fast which finally leads to obesity overweight. How to conclude this irritating disturbing issue? There is a solution in a natural plant that is Caralluma Fimbriata which has high appetite-suppressing effects. When we take it as a supplement quite a period it helps to suppress irrelevant hunger then slowly burns unwanted fats and finally will lose weight naturally.

Boswellia Pain Treatment

An extract from tree Boswellia serrata acts as a painkiller and can treat any kind of body & joint pains by reducing inflammation. It is a traditional medicine usually to treat injuries, joint pains, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more benefits. The recent research about Boswellia is it is useful in the treatment of breast, leukemia, and some more certain kind of cancers.

Safed Musli Sperm Care

Safed Musli clinical studies undoubtedly trust that the aphrodisiac properties of it develop the sexual desire and forbid erectile dysfunction during intercourse. Also its spermatogenic properties highly beneficial to the male gender by increasing sperm motility and sperm counts.